Florida Film Production

If you’re a filmmaker, whether a seasoned professional or a newcomer, and you were looking for a place to shoot your next movie, you wouldn’t immediately think of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Miami are some of the most popular media capitals, prime candidates for cinematic greatness. Yet, once you really think about it, the Gulf Coast in Northwest Florida isn’t that much different. Amidst the sun, the beaches, and tourist attractions, there lay a determined and focused film community that combines diverse locations, industry-friendly organizations and a growing support system for filmmaking in Florida into a successful opportunity for cinema appreciators and filmmakers alike.

florida film production

The variety of locations present in Florida will have any director, producer, or writer salivating at the opportunities. Starting with the most obvious, the beaches are the primary draw. For example, the white sands, blue-green waters from Pensacola Beach through Destin to Panama City Beach, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures provide colorful scene staging. Just imagine filming at sunset on a beautiful beach with the ever-present chance of dolphins jumping up in the background, adding that extra exotic flavor to the moment. Let’s say you want to get away from the beaches and go for something different. Cities like Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Destin, and Pensacola offer both ideal rural and urban environments. The architecture, for instance, ranges from modern to historic, giving a wealth of options. Moreover, the diverse geography provides plenty of forests and woodland areas as well.

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