Fort Walton Beach Film Production

Here on the Gulf Coast, there are many memorable aspects of the area that are obvious, like the beautiful Emerald Coast beaches, popular tourist attractions, and two famous Air Force bases (Hurlburt and Eglin). One of the least known traits, however, is the region’s growing film production. Fort Walton Beach film production has been growing and offers many opportunities you can find no where else in regard to Northwest Florida film production.

Fort Walton Beach has had a variety of productions filmed in the area. The scenery is perfect for production because of the small town and beach community. Scenes from Jaws 2 were shot on Okaloosa Island and Navarre Beach. The military presence in the area is also a large production benefit. The Doolittle Raider’s practice runs and other scenes were shot at Eglin in 1944 for the film Thirty Seconds over Tokyo. In addition to these films, Transformers 3, was filmed at Hulburt Field and Northwest Florida Regional Airport.

With our white sandy beaches and emerald waters we are able to provide a laid back you may be looking for, for your upcoming film. With our film production resources include locations, permitting, talent agencies and crew, is no denying the determination of the film industry here.

Bring your production project to the Gulf Coast today!

fort walton beach film production

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